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About Us

Rongitsch Homes specializing in both new construction and remodeling. Established in 1992, Rongitsch Homes is driven by one thing - the customer. With a genuine commitment to providing an extraordinary level of service to its buyers, Rongitsch Homes will provide the service you are looking for and deserve.

From the first meeting and all the way to the closing, Mike Rongitsch will walk you through the home building process. A hands-on builder, Mike strives to make the building process a stress free and wonderful experience.

With the emphasis on quality and not quantity, Mike builds each home as if he were building it for his own family. Like any business, customer satisfaction is key. As one past client stated,

They do the little things that make a home special. He builds a high quality home with uncompromising attention to detail.

Mike and Desiree are active members in their local community and are long time residents. They take pride in making a personal commitment of satisfaction to every family who chooses Rongitsch Homes as their builder. Thank you for visiting Rongitsch Homes.